Puun KAIUT 07

Puun KAIUT 07

Glow Of Ember

Glow – of sunset or a fading light before winter. Moments when you experience natures soothing silence and clear sound. That sound when of northern nature is singing about cold starry nights and gentle warmth of spring dawns.

Wooden speakers out of nordic, pale coloured but flame kissed birch tree. A hard and temperamental wood casing with even harder stone heart. A promise of a memorable sound for anyone who loves wood as an element combined with the undeniably clear sound of stone and handcrafted to perfection.

A pair of speakers of flame-tempered birch tree with a Kaiut-stone heart.
– 14.800a pair – A vigorous 29kg each.
– Stand 1.200per or 2.400 a pair. – Also a considerable 15kg each.

14,800.00 16,000.00  inc. Vat

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 21 × 35 × 33 cm


Power rating

250 w

Frequency range

40-25.000 Hz


85 db


8 ohm.

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